Deepen your Insights with hair-thin Endoscopes

In vivo microscopy through a single fibre.

Bio-Imaging with minimal tissue damage

Microscopic images from deep inside delicate parts of a living body are difficult to achieve without causing extensive damage to the surrounding tissue. The hair-thin endoscopes from DeepEn are 10-times smaller than state-of-the-art instruments. This makes them the ideal tool for imaging in sensitive tissue, in particular for addressing neurons deep inside the living brain.

Advances in the fight against brain diseases

Successes in the fight against stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and epilepsy are based on our better understanding of the working modes of the brain. DeepEn's mission is to support researchers and medical practitioners in discovering, developing and applying the tools for diagnostics and treatment of brain disorders.

Hair-thin endoscopes were successfully validated for deep-brain imaging at these institutes.

Our Approach – Seeing through Fibres

In medicine and neuroscience, a large endoscopic probe size can cause considerable limitations and complications, such as bleeding and damages to internal organs.

The hair-thin endoscope addresses this issue by utilising the narrowest possible channel able to transfer image information – a single multimode optical fibre. Our approach uses computer-controlled holographic modulators and principles of digital holography. Thanks to this breakthrough innovation, the complex light propagation through the medium of the fibre can be characterised and tailored to deliver advanced microscopy at the end of the minuscule probe.

Advanced Neuroimaging

Image central brain regions

Neurological diseases often take effect in the deepest brain compartments. Hair-thin endoscopes can be routinely used for in-vivo imaging in brain regions such as the Amygdala and Thalamus.

Recording during fibre insertion

Real time imaging during the insertion of the fibre probe ensures that the intended location is addressed successfully. This minimises the risk of time loss due to wrong placement of the imaging instrument.

Use the optogenetic toolset

Use a wide spectrum of dyes to make neural activity visible. Staining methods for calcium imaging and photostimulation can be employed.

Subcellular resolution

Hair-thin endoscopes can achieve images with micron-level resolution. Microscopic processes such as neuron connectivity, the movement of cell organelles or the blood flow can be observed.

Our Technology

NeuroDeep workstation

In close collaboration with our partners from Neuroscience, we develop the first commercially available hair-thin endoscope, optimised for in-vivo bio-imaging.

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About us

What do we do ?

At DeepEn, we develop hair-thin endoscopes that deliver high resolution images from inside sensitive and dynamic environments. By using a single optical fibre as an imaging probe, we can bring the performance of modern microscopes into extremely tight or sensitive spaces.

Who are we ?

DeepEn is a research transfer start-up from Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technologies in Jena, Germany. Driven by the vision to make high performing hair-thin endoscopes available to users in medicine, neuroscience and industry, our multidisciplinary and international team embarked on its journey in 2021. We are building on the achievements of over 10 years of dedicated research in the fields of fibre photonics and neuroscience.

Meet our Team

Sergey Turtaev


Sergey is a physicist turned entrepreneur and the visionary team leader of DeepEn. He is an expert in the field of fibre photonics and advanced the hair-thin endoscope technology during his PhD-dissertation.

Jiri Hofbrucker


With a PhD in physics and a passion for engineering and programming, Jiri is the driving force behind product development at DeepEn. Jiri is a true technical problem-solver.


Hana Cizmarova

Application Management

As a medical doctor, Hana is committed to ensuring that DeepEn's hair-thin endoscopes offer the highest possible added value for users. Her motivation: to help improve the lives of people with brain diseases.

Patrick Westermann

Business Development

Market research, competitive analysis, estimation of market potential: Patrick is the creator of the business plan for the start-up and holds a master's degree in management.

Prof. Dr. Tomas Cizmar

Tomas is an established expert of complex media photonics and world leading researcher in the field of imaging through multimode fibres. As scientific mentor and advisor of DeepEn, he supports the start-up team through his knowledge and network.


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Hana Cizmarova – Application Management:

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DeepEn is a research transfer project from Leibniz-Institute of Photonic Technologies

Address: Albert-Einstein-Straße 9, 07745, Jena, Germany

DeepEn is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program.